Il ghiottone umbro

Ever wished for a good friend with a nice house in a medival umbrian hill town with great views over the rolling landscape.

One who knows the way to all the great local restaurants, the best wine producers and historic sights.

One who enjoys the simplicity, honesty and fantastic taste of the italian kitchen and wine.

One who pays attention to every detail and caters to all your needs.

Well - now you have such a friend - Il Ghiottone Umbro...

News from Todi


The house is full of happy summer guests, we are harvesting tomatoes from the more then 35 different varities, we are cooking dinners for the guests or they are doing all the cooking on one of the many cooking lessons - getting all familiar with the bella cucina italiana......YES - summer is here...

BIG NEWS......we are moving to Rome - but just for a few days - we are happy to announce our latest cooking course - let's meet in Rome and enjoy the spring and all the amazing produce together. We have borrowed an amazing kitchen in Trastevere - here we will be spending the weekend cooking with you...together we will visit the markets in the morning, talk about all the produce, stock up and walk back to the kitchen to cook a feast.....we will also visit our favorite trattoria, do a foodie walk of Trastevere and enjoy a classic pizza night........The course starts on the 4th of April 2019 - the cost is € 600 per person and include: welcome aperitivo and dinner, 2 market to table cooking lessons, foodie walk and classic pizza night. Write to us for a program - there are just 8 places......

Carissimi saluti

Lisbeth e Thomas